Field Service Lightning & Product Management in Salesforce Ecosystem

Apr 13, 4:30 – 7:30 AM

Field Service Lightning & Product Management in Salesforce Ecosystem

About this event

Join us for two informative sessions designed to enhance your understanding and skills within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Session 1: "Salesforce Field Service: Streamlining Operations for Success"

Discover the strategies and techniques to optimize your field service operations for maximum efficiency and success. Learn how Salesforce Field Service can revolutionize your processes, streamline workflows, and elevate your service delivery to new heights.

Session 2: "How to Become a Product Manager in the Salesforce Ecosystem"

Explore the fundamental concepts of product management and its application within the Salesforce ecosystem. Understand the key distinctions between product management and project management, and learn how to navigate your path toward becoming a successful product manager. Plus, witness the power of Trial Template orgs through a live demonstration, showcasing their capabilities and benefits firsthand.

Don't miss out on these valuable sessions packed with insights, practical tips, and real-world demonstrations to help you excel in Salesforce Field Service and product management roles.


  • Sandhya Sharma

    Minlopro Partners

    Senior Consultant

  • Thamalalla Venkata Seshagiri Rao


    Product Specialist


Salesforce Field Service : Streamlining Operations for Success - By Sandhya Sharma
How to Become a Product Manager in the Salesforce Ecosystem By Thamalalla Venkata Seshagiri Rao
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Kahoot and Closure Note.

Group Leaders

  • Shovan Mandal

    Intercontinental Exchange


  • Siva Naga Pradeep Kumar Dulam

    Huron Consulting Group


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