Marketing cloud - How and Why - Updated Link

This session is for beginners who want to understand what salesforce marketing cloud is, how to use it, where to use it, and which component to use. It will provide a basic understanding to those who don't know about marketing cloud but would like to start their career as a marketeer, developer or admin in salesforce marketing cloud

About this event

Agenda for session:

1. Understand what is Salesforce marketing cloud and what it's not

3. Marketing Automation - Pardot Or Marketing cloud

2. Components of marketing cloud.

3. Use cases to marketing cloud components mapping

4. Where to start

5. Tools (IDE) and Web resources for marketing cloud

6. Certification

This session is the first step into the world of marketing cloud. There is much more to understand, innovate and learn. This session should help you on this first and most curial step in the journey 


Group Leader

  • Chandrashekhar Dautpure

    Chandrashekhar Dautpure



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