Ship and Share

About this event

Join us for the first MN Dev Group meeting of 2020. We'll be virtual for this meeting. and trying out the new bevy meeting service.  This will be an informal meeting for networking and sharing what you've shipped recently. If you're interested in sharing a recent project you have worked on, feel free to send us an email (or DM @dancinllama on twitter), so we can get you added to the agenda.

When sharing what you ship, here are some topics you might considering covering:

- What were some challenges that you had to overcome?

- What went well with the project?

- What Salesforce technologies did you use to tackle the project?

- What other technologies were involved?

Thanks, and "see" you soon!

- James and the MN Salesforce Developer Group

Group Leaders

  • Andy Boettcher

    Andy Boettcher

    Community Group Leader

  • Brett Nelson

    Brett Nelson


    Community Group Leader

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