Women Speaker Series: #1 Bulk API custom-built tool Demo #2 Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce Developer Group, Trivandrum, India
Sat, Feb 5, 2022, 10:30 AM (IST)

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Kicking off the 'Women Speaker Series' brought to you by Salesforce Trivandrum Dev ,Trivandrum User , Kochi WIT and Nashik WIT Community Groups.

Here are 2 amazing sessions! 

Session 1:Demo of custom-built tool for Dataload using Bulk API

Demo of a .net tool to help with Bulk Data Load to Salesforce using Bulk API

Problem Tried to Solve - Bulk data(million records) load to Salesforce using Bulk API.

Clients were doing it using Data loader/workbench and it was taking at least a week to complete loading all the files and they have to start the process much earlier to keep the data ready before actual activation.

This tool, completed the task in 1 day.

Advantages of using the tool:

1. Time to finish the task is 1 day, where existing process took at least 1 week

2. User friendly logging - log file is created with the complete details from file copied till data is processed

3. Error logging - log file also shows error during the process, if any.

4. The process happens in background and is asynchronous

5. No limit in number of files processing

6. No minimum configuration required.

7. Multiple users can load simultaneously

8. Email is sent for every 25% progress and also once the total process is completed along with failed record details in case of failure

Session 2:Getting started with Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud launched in 2015, and FSC has proven the best-suited product for the BFSI industries. Financial Services Cloud is a managed package built on top of Sales and Service Cloud.

From retail banking to wealth management, 360-degree visibility into clients’ financial profiles puts your customer at the center of every interaction.

It provides a polished way to store clients, customers and institutions to build trust by unifying the customer experience across channels, geographies, and lines of business—both commercial and consumer.

Purpose-built industry functionality and the capabilities of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud enable financial services firms to increase employee productivity, accelerate time to value and deepen customer trust with every interaction. Users get the tools to focus on high-value customer activities instead of routine administrative tasks. As an admin, users get the trusted power, security, and scalability of the Salesforce platform—tailored to streamline implementation for financial institutions. Start with a Financial Services Cloud trial org. Or install the Financial Services Cloud-managed package and the unmanaged extension package. Connect data from your banking, portfolio management, financial planning, and other systems, and at the end, configure the application to suit your business needs.

As a consultant, you need to understand the system closely. We will learn about the household, related Accounts, related Contacts, Financial Accounts, the importance of Goals, life events and action plans.



Saturday, Feb 5
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM (IST)

Group Leader

  • Parvathy Prabhash

    Parvathy Prabhash


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