Get in the Driver Seat of Your Developer Career

Recognizing your value so you can communicate it is critical to advancing your career as a developer or perhaps into something else. In this meeting, we'll help you prepare for the next move, potential layoff or negotiation for a better compensation package.

About this event

Leverage LinkedIn to capitalize on the demand for Salesforce talent and protect yourself during this economic uncertainty.  Are you being compensated fairly in your current role?  Do you consistently hear about exciting projects and opportunities aligned with your career goals?

Many developers are not using LinkedIn to establish a valuable brand and become known for their expertise.  Join us for a hands-on workshop to elevate your profile and coordinating resume.

* Get discovered by recruiters and hiring managers.  Take advantage of having recruiting professionals searching for your next opportunity.

* Arm yourself with valuable insight into compensation packages being offered in the ecosystem. Use this information to negotiate internally at your current company or find your next compelling opportunity. 

* Be prepared to pivot in case of layoffs or employment uncertainty.  Be proactive and stay in control of your career. 

We will have a virtual follow up in early 2023 to see how you are doing with updates to your profile. (Attendance optional.)



Monday, Nov 28
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM (PST)


Slalom Offices - Green Room
805 SW Broadway #2500 Portland97205

Group Leaders

  • Angela Mahoney

    Angela Mahoney


    Cat Herder

  • Larry Latimer

    Larry Latimer

    Slalom Consulting


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