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Jul 13, 2022, 4:00 PM – Jul 14, 2022, 11:00 PM

WE ARE BACK for the 6th annual Forcelandia, sponsored by Slalom. Forcelandia 2022 will be July 13th-14th at the Kennedy school!

About this event

PDX Devs, we hope to see you at Forcelandia 2022, sponsored by our excellent friends at Slalom! We will have two action-packed days and while we will publish the actual sessions soon, below is a taste!

You will need a separate ticket available here on the Forcelandia website:

Presenter | Subject 

Lashonna McBride | How to Streamline Your Business Automation With Flow Orchestrator 

Marisa Hambleton | When in doubt, give it out! 

Jack McCurdy | Demystifying DevOps 

Ian Gotts | Implementing DevOps Center Evelyn Grizzle | Regular Expressions in Salesforce 

Mike Topalovich | Next Level Data Modeling (would come up with something significantly less lame)

Alan Petersen | Essential Developer Tools: Embrace the CLI 

EJ Sherman | Git for Admins Bhanudas Tanaka | How will we continue working with limited resources 

Evan Ponter | Fantastic Frameworks for Fast, Feature-Filled Flows

Tim Lockie | A Case For Human Stack Architecture & Implementation 

Kevin Poorman | Accelerate and bulletproof your org development with the Apex Standard Library 

Adam Erstelle | Building Flows to Interact with MCAE (aka Pardot) 

Dave Landis | SF UX Evangelist | A Robot & Pencil walk into a bar...

Tom Leddy | Salesforce Well-Architected 

Julián Duque | Extending Salesforce Apps with Open Source Languages with Functions 

Oleh Mykytyn | What is Wrapper Class and How to use it with LWC 

Peter Coffee | Peter Coffee - Title Forthcoming (Virtual) 

Aldo Fernandez | The High Leap: From Developer/Admineloper to Architect 

Dan Appleman | AppExchange ISV Partnership - Road to Riches or Obstacle Course of Doom? Discuss! 

Nicolas Dimond | Fear and Loathing in Enterprise Software Melissa Hansen | Patterns for Flexible LWCs 

Trevor Gill | Using Platform Events to Achieve More Asynchronous Flexibility 

Tracy Greene | Every Flow Tells A Story 

Charlie Isaacs | Integrating Salesforce to the Metaverse by leveraging Clicks, Not Code 

Kai Chen | Click and Code: Building a Wizard with Flow and Code 

Josh Boyden | Slack Development 


Melissa Shephard | Tackle Your Everyday Business Problems Like an Architect 

Rafael Hernandez | Rafa's Magic



July 13 – 14, 2022
4:00 PM – 11:00 PM UTC

Group Leaders

  • Angela Mahoney


    Cat Herder

  • Larry Latimer

    Slalom Consulting


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