Mission:New Delhi - Skills Accelerator w/ CTA Master Coach Sebastian Wagner

Apr 9, 2023, 4:30 – 10:30 AM


About this event

Sebastian Wagner, CTA & Master Coach behind more than 55 Certified Technical Architects, is touring India. As part of his mission: INDIA tour, Seb will be hosting free in-person workshops for the local Salesforce community and for you to accelerate your skills and boost your career.

Read more about the mission: INDIA tour here

Curated for the entire Architect, Developer, Consultant, and Admin community, it will be a day full of fun, hands-on action, and invaluable insights. This is an amazing opportunity because every topic we cover is part of what Seb is coaching the absolute elite of the Salesforce ecosystem, which he normally charges thousands of dollars for.

Here’s what to expect:

We start in the morning by exploring the habits of top consultants to communicate more effectively and make an impact. Next, we pick up great architects' tools and methods that help you think and analyze faster before wrapping up the morning with a framework to deliver better solutions and outcomes.

After the lunch break, for those keen to practice their new skills and those on the #journeyToCTA, there will be a 2.5 hr CTA Live Lab session to solve and discuss scenarios and even do QA practice.


Introduction (10 min)

5 habits of top consultants (30 min)

Discover the five communication and thinking habits that increase your credibility and impact with peers and stakeholders. We share simple techniques to practice and incorporate these habits and fuel your career.

5 secret weapons of great architects II (45 min)

Distilled from our coaching practice, learn five tools and methods to analyze requirements, context, and impacts faster and come up with creative solutions even to complex problems.

4 design principles to drive better solutions and outcomes (30 min)

Learn how the SACE framework will help you deliver more agile, appealing, and cost-effective solutions and outcomes. Based on concrete examples, we will explore why SACE, regardless of your role, is the template you want to use daily.

CTA Live Lab (150 min)

Whether you want to become a CTA or simply want to have fun and practice what you learned that day, the live lab is a hands-on workshop where we solve scenarios, discuss solutions, and even do some QA practice. Depending on the location, we will have multiple CTAs to co-facilitate the session.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the best of the best so please RSVP asap if you are interested.


  • Sebastian Wagner


    CTA, Founder & Master Coach


Skills Accelerator w/ CTA Master Coach Sebastian Wagner

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  • Atul Gupta

    CloudVandana Solutions

    Salesforce MVP, Consultant and Architect

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    Larsen and Toubro Infotech


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    NCR Corporation

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