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Skill up for the Career with #TrailheadInABox

Aug 29, 2020, 9:30 – 11:30 AM

Join us to understand: Need for Trailhead, Need for Trailblazer Community, Build a Dynamic Resume, Learn Salesforce from the very beginning, Career guidelines.

About this event

Join us to understand:

Need for Trailhead

Need for Trailblazer Community

Build a Dynamic Resume

Learn Salesforce from the very beginning

Career guidelines

If the answer is “Yes” for at least 1 question from these 7 questions, then you should join us this Saturday at 3 PM:

*You are a student thinking about your career in IT?

*You working professional and looking to explore the career opportunities in Salesforce Ecosystem? #Learn

*You are just interested to know why Trailblazers from the globe have too much passion for knowledge sharing in our Ecosystem? #GiveBack

*You have lost your job due to the current pandemic and looking to utilize your skills for a great restart?

*You are in the Salesforce Ecosystem and you will be meeting us virtually for sure? #Connect

*You have never joined any of our Meetups and thinking to experience it from the very beginning?

*You loved our recent #TrailblazingTogether with Shyam & Om with other #Trailblazers at #MotihariMeetup and don't want to miss meeting them again along? #Fun

If any other reason I missed but you love joining us: See you soon!



  • Shyam Bihari


    Application and system architect

Group Leader

  • Om Prakash

    Salesforce Architect & Lead Developer

    Technical Lead

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