Getting started with Salesforce DevOps Center in-person event

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About this event

In today's rapidly evolving software development landscape, organizations are under immense pressure to deliver high-quality applications quickly and efficiently. This is where DevOps comes in, a methodology that streamlines processes and enables organizations to deliver software rapidly, with better collaboration and fewer errors.

During this session, we will be focusing on Salesforce DevOps Center, a powerful tool that helps organizations build, test, and deploy their Salesforce applications with ease. We will delve into the basics of DevOps and explore how it can be set up in Salesforce. 



Saturday, Feb 25
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (PKT)


Riaz ul karam
Chak 171 mochiwala Jhang35200

Group Leader

  • Muhammad Shamsul Arifeen

    Muhammad Shamsul Arifeen

    Community Group Leader

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