Learning about Unofficial SF

About this event

Join us to learn about the Unofficial SF website and all the great things available on it that can help you make your Salesforce org better.

Unofficial SF Enthusiasts Mary Tagler, Sasipriya Jayamaruthyraman, and Eric Smith join together to share about the UnofficialSF.com site, what they've found useful, being a builder, and more.


1. Welcome/Intros

2. An intro to UnofficialSF.com and how to navigate it

3. Panel on useful info, components, actions, tools, etc. found on Unofficial SF

4. How you can be a builder/contributor for Unofficial SF

5. How to get help for Unofficial SF when you need it

6. Q&A

7. Upcoming Local & Virtual Events of interest


Group Leaders

  • Lynda Kane

    Lynda Kane


  • Orlando Briceño

    Orlando Briceño

    Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame


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