Rendez vous à #DreamTX : Salesforce MVPs on Connecting Through Crises

Salesforce Developer Group, Casablanca, Morocco
Thu, Dec 17, 2020, 8:20 PM (CET)

About this event

DreamTX is happening all over the world, virtually.

Learn the tips and tricks from Salesforce MVPs, experts who stay up-to-date on Salesforce products and share their knowledge with the Trailblazer Community. In this session, you’ll hear from three Salesforce MVPs from around the world on how they have stayed connected and continue to learn throughout this challenging time. Get inspiration and actionable insights to help you engage in the community and build your product expertise. 


  • Anna Loughnan

    Anna Loughnan

    Ministry of Health New Zealand

    CRM Product Lead

  • Gina Marques

    Gina Marques


    CRM Manager

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  • Houssam SAOUDY

    Houssam SAOUDY


    Senior Software Engineer

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  • Alex Pisani

    Alex Pisani


    Senior Community Manager

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  • Group Leaders

  • Abdelhakim Mouttaqui

    Abdelhakim Mouttaqui


    Sr Salesforce developer

  • Houssam SAOUDY

    Houssam SAOUDY


    Lead Software Engineer

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