Week 3 - Flow February Series - Enhancing Account Management #3

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Come Join Andrew Fragias as he takes you through Flow February Series - Flow Basics, Enhancing Opportunity & Account Management, Importance of Productivity

Week 1 - Flow February - Flow Basics- http://bit.ly/BVFLOW1

      Week 1 - Come Join Andrew Fragias as he takes you through how to determine how a Workflow Rule, Flow or Process Builder would be chosen over the other. He will also go through some real life examples of Basic flows and how they can help improve your businesses productivity.

Week 2 - Flow February - Enhancing Opportunity Management- http://bit.ly/BVFLOW2

      Week 2 - For the second part of our Flow series we will focus more around the need for flow to help enhance a Sales organizations productivity. We will also go through the new flow features that are coming in Spring 21

Week 3 - Flow February - Enhancing Account Management- http://bit.ly/BVFLOW3

      Week 3 - On our third community group event during Flow February with Andrew Fragias we will explore more advanced Account management based flows that go into how to create a deep clone flow as well as a Flow that references custom metadata to help unify your Account Management

Week 4 - Flow February - Importance of Productivity- http://bit.ly/BVFLOW4

      To round of Flow February Andrew Fragias will go through the importance of User productivity, taking us through a deep dive analysis of industry trends and impacts a lack of Productivity has on a business.

Also, stand a chance to win Salesforce Certification & Awesome swags.


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