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we are planning to present Apex Development Sessions from our core salesforce developers in every business day from 09/07/2022 . we will cover below topics. 

1. What is Apex -- Done

a. When Should I Use Apex?  -- Done

b. How Does Apex Work  -- Done

c. Object Oriented Programming (Oops) -  -- Done

2. Apex Data Types -  -- Done

a. Primitive Date Types -  -- Done

b. Collections (List, Map, Set, Array) --  -- Done

c. Objects/Class --  -- Done

d. Access Modifiers --  -- Done

e. Constructors

f. properties

3. Usage Of Apex Program Within VF Page

a. Refereeing To the Apex Class in VF page

b. Getter and setter methods in VF page

c. Call Apex Methods in A VF Page using Simple Apex Class

4. SOQL Queries

a. Child To Parent Relationship on Standard, Custom Objects

b. Parent To Child Relationship on Standard, Custom Objects

5. SOSL Queries

6. DML Operations

7. Triggers & Examples

a. Invoking Apex Methods in Triggers

b. Order Of Execution of Triggers

c. Recursive Triggers

8. Database Class

9. Asynchronous Apex

a. Future Methods

b. Batch Apex

c. Queueable

d. Schedulable

10. Governing Limits, Limitations & Schema Programming

11. Integration

a. Apex callout mechanism (SOAP, REST webservices), API call going out from salesforce

b. Apex Call In mechanism (REST, SOAP services)- API call coming into salesforce

c. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)

12. Java Script for Aura components & LWC (lightning web components)

• Introduction to Java Script

• Arrays In Java Script

• Methods In Java Script

13. Aura Components

a. Create aura components and use the lightning base components

b. Create Lightning events & aura methods and use case of lightning events

c. Different types of handlers

14. LWC (Lightning Web Component) framework

a. What is LWC, why LWC salesforce already using aura framework

b. LWC page life cycle hooks

c. Decorators (track, API, wire)

d. Error handling


Group Leader

  • siva dandamudi

    siva dandamudi


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