Let's dive deep into Illuminated Cloud

Salesforce Developer Group, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wed, Sep 23, 2020, 6:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

We are going dive deep into these topics so that you can be the ninja of your IDE.

  • Salesforce project format support - traditional/metadata format, OAuth/source format, scratch org/source format
  • Code completion - Apex/Visualforce/Aura/LWC/XML and also powerful features such as live templates and smart completion
  • Code navigation - All the different ways of finding what you're looking for in the codebase by name, via an existing reference, across language boundaries (e.g., Apex<=>VF/Aura/LWC), etc.
  • Integrated API documentation
  • Code formatters
  • Template-based file creation
  • Refactoring capabilities
  • Real-time and bulk static code analysis and quick fixes
  • Metadata management - Deployment, retrieval, removal, reconciliation/merging, etc.
  • Unit test execution and code coverage analysis
  • Apex offline debugger
  • Anonymous Apex and SOQL Query script execution
  • Log Analyzer - log review, Apex profiling, etc.
  • JetBrains IDE version control integration

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  • Scott Wells

    Scott Wells

    Illuminated Cloud


    I am an accomplished software architect and developer with over two decades of experience in all aspects of the software development process. I enjoy working with teams to solve difficult problems, particularly those that increase end user productivity and satisfaction. I often work directly with customers, prospects, and partners to provide technical context and support and to collaborate on shared business goals.

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  • Ataullah Khan

    Ataullah Khan



  • Manmohan Singh

    Manmohan Singh

    Infosys Limited


  • Monish Mahalingam

    Monish Mahalingam



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