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State of the Black Salesforce Union

Feb 28, 2023, 9:00 – 10:45 PM

A open town hall meeting where we will discuss various issues and topics in the Salesforce Ecosystem. We will be talking about hiring trends, ChatGPT and new entrant strategies as well

About this event

Got into ecosystem by self-study and YouTube. What's the best way to connect with black SF community?

What is the best way to reach out to a recruiter? There seems to be a lot of openings, but my LinkedIn profile has not been attracting any recruiters lately.

When pivoting from another industry, do you recommend niche certs like CPQ?

Are some of the questions that we will answer during this program moderated by Tiffany Spencer fromTech Forward Solutions. If you have a question please respond to the form link here:


  • Tiffany Spencer


    Salesforce Architect

Group Leaders

  • Kyle Gause

    Mavens - A Komodo Health Company

    Community Group Leader

  • Kyle Battle

    Community Group Leader

  • Tasha Rucker


    Community Group Leader

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