Study for IAM - OAuth Flows

About this event

The IAM Study group is meeting twice a week. This meeting is for Tuesday to review IAM concepts, do hands on demos, and short quizzes. 

Who Is This For? 

All are welcome to come learn and share your experiences.  Identity Access Management is critical to minimize risk and improve security for your org.   Come learn about the core Identity features of Salesforce and continue your certification journey. 

Start At 6 - Agenda: 

  • Concepts & Demo:
    • OAuth 2.0 Authorization and Session Management for Hybrid Apps

    • SAML Assertion Flow

    • Server-to-Server Flows

  • Quiz
    • About 15 questions on concepts covered 

How to Prepare for This Session:

Continue Review and Discussion from OAuth sessions: 

Post Session Info:


YouTube Video: To be loaded after meeting 


Group Leader

  • Marlene Guerra-Reeve

    Marlene Guerra-Reeve

    Hertz Corporation

    Community Group Leader

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