We are hosting Provar to talk about test automation

Feb 9, 2023, 7:00 – 8:15 PM

Ways to Foster Collaboration and Closing the Automation Gap

About this event

Learn about Ways to Foster Collaboration and Closing the Automation Gap.

Understanding software testing is crucial for technical architects to ensure the quality, reliability, and success of their systems.

By having a deep understanding of testing techniques and methodologies, technical architects can play a key role in driving innovation and improving the quality of the systems they design and build.

Technical architects who understand testing can work more effectively with development teams, testing teams, and other stakeholders to ensure that testing is integrated into the software development process. This session will guide ways to do that.

The event is sponsored by Provar Testing.


  • Piyush Srivastav

    Provar Testing

    Head of Customer Success

  • Mohit Gupta

    Provar Testing

    Technical Sales Manager

Group Leaders

  • Kristian Margaryan Jørgensen

    Waeg, an IBM Company

    Community Group Leader

  • Nishant Sinha

    Coloplast A/S

    Community Group Leader

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