Supercharge Processes and Flows with Invocable Apex

Want to get your flows some extra ummph? Learn from MVP Pat McClellan how to get Apex and Flows to work together.

About this event

Salesforce has made it clear that Flows are the future of automation on the platform, but sometimes Apex can make things a lot easier. Imagine an Apex action to process a collection of records in a single step, instead of looping through them one-by-one to assign a value. In this session, you’ll learn to create Apex-invoked utilities for Flows and Processes. We'll share examples of how you can leverage code to establish the basic mechanics of creating an invocable Apex Action. Then, we'll step up to multiple inputs with a more complicated and commonly encountered example, we'll demo the Process and share the code that allows us to provide multiple inputs to the Invocable Apex. We’ll finish with resources that can help you along your journey

This is not our typical meeting, this will be done around an hour.



Tuesday, Jun 15
6:00 PM - 7:15 PM (PDT)

Group Leaders

  • Tabitha Bergerson

    Tabitha Bergerson

    Community Group Leader

  • David Bergerson

    David Bergerson

    Integrated Technologies

    Community Group Leader

  • Rohit Kumar Malik

    Rohit Kumar Malik

    Community Group Leader

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