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ChatGPT for Salesforce Professionals

Mar 7, 2023, 1:00 – 2:30 AM

Salesforce Admin Group, San Francisco, United States

Justin Dux presents Tricks are for kids, Language Models are for Prompt Engineers

About this event

Explore the potential of GPT and AI in Salesforce administration and how GPT can be used to generate code. Justin Dux Illustrates a coding example of generating a script to create new users in Salesforce, highlighting the potential of AI to streamline administrative tasks. Finally, providing some warning about the risks of ChatGPT in our work as well as some resources for more research. Whatever your interest level in Language models, this talk will prepare you for when someone on your team asks, "Should we consider using ChatGPT here?"

Justin Dux is a Sr Salesforce Administrator for Be The Match and a coach for Talent Stacker Career Development Program. He's curious about the future of AI and Machine Learning in the salesforce platform. While GPT and other language models may be having the Napster moment, he is skeptical when anyone says AI is coming to take his job. As he teaches his students, soft skills continue to play a huge role in technology teams, and writing a few professional emails isn't enough to replace one good meme. 


  • Justin Dux

    Talent Career Development Program

    Mock Interview Coach

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