Migrating Permissions | Salesforce Office Hour | Jan 31st | Virtual Event | Portland Admin Group

Jan 31, 8:00 – 9:00 PM

Join me as I walk you through our process of moving our permissions out of Profiles and into Permission Sets and Permission Set Groups. How did we plan, how did we execute, and what did we learn. Overall, I hope this will be helpful as you migrate to a permission set led security model in your orgs. This meeting will be recorded and the video/slides distributed. Please RSVP to get your link.

About this event

This event is open so you can pop-in whenever you have the time (office hours style). 

This is intended for end-users and is not a showcase for third-party apps. If you would like to present your bolt-on app/installed package, please reach out to the Community group team for consideration.

We hope this invite finds you well and thriving in your Salesforce journey! As passionate advocates for continuous learning and collaboration, we are excited to invite you to an upcoming virtual event that promises to be an incredible opportunity for knowledge sharing and inspiration. We encourage you to showcase a problem you've solved or a creative item you've developed within your Salesforce implementation. Whether it's a complex automation workflow, a custom Lightning component, a customized report, or a brilliant solution to a business challenge, we want to hear about it!

Group Leaders

  • Michael Montez


    Senior Salesforce Administrator

  • Alison Rouse

    CS2 Marketing

    VP Solutions Architecture & Analytics

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