Phoenix Salesforce Admin User Group Starts the New Year Right w/ Elements Cloud Org Confessions & Evan Ponter on Custom Report Types!

Jan 7, 2021, 10:30 PM – Jan 8, 2021, 12:30 AM

The Holiday Season has passed, but admins always make lists & it’s nice to check twice. So our two presenters will help with just that. First, Evan Ponter from Ponter Solutions will share his Ultimate Guide to Report Types. Then, Alyssa Abbey from Elements.Cloud will share some naughty stories from Org Confessions. Finally, we’ll wrap up with a quiz for prizes, lessons, & good times.

About this event

Approach Reporting Like Never Before: The Ultimate Guide to Report Types:

Whether you are just starting your Salesforce journey or you are a seasoned pro, this session is guaranteed to change your approach to reporting. Imagine having one “deluxe” custom report type per object to address a majority of report requests - pulling in up to 1,000 fields from up to 60 related objects with ease. Imagine instantly knowing which report type to choose in order to get the data you need without any trial and error. Imagine how much time and effort you can save when you have a complete understanding of what Salesforce is capable of in the reporting realm. During this session, you will learn how easy it is to demystify the inner workings of report types, consolidate the litany of overwhelming report type clutter, and empower yourself with a revolutionary paradigm that frees you to confidently query for conclusions. Rejoice as you reimagine designing, building, and running reports - you’ll wonder how you ever did it before.

Org Confessions: Funny. Not Funny. Lessons in Implementation Best Practice:

Swamped with requests, trying to coordinate changes without breaking anything? The thought of migrating to Lightning giving you sweats? Want to see a best practice Implementation Lifecycle? This session will help you consider what you should be doing to run a clean, documented Org based on current business processes and user needs - and not be an OrgConfessions victim.


  • Donald Bohrisch

    MST Solutions

    Director of Alliances and Practices

  • Jason E. Zeikowitz

    OSF Digital


  • Alyssa Abbey

    VP Community for

  • Evan Ponter

    Ponter Solutions

    Founder & Principal Consultant

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  • Petar Čale

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  • Courtney Palmer


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