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Migrating External Systems to Salesforce and Org-to-Org Migrations, & Lightning Talk - Interview Prep

About this event

Join us this month as we host Salesforce MVP HOF Nana Greg and SVP of IT Solutions Marshall King, as they discuss migrating external systems into Salesforce and Org-to-Org Migrations.

As your Salesforce org takes a broader role in your company's operations, it's increasingly likely that you'll need to migrate systems and their data hierarchies into Salesforce. That sounds like a meaty project, but how do you get started? Well, you'll need to figure out how the external system works, then you'll need to figure out how it should work in Salesforce. Once all that planning is done, you'll need to migrate modules of that the system functionality and the data into Salesforce,

So, how do we get that right? Well, Nana and Marshall have our backs and will give you a framework for how to do it, tools you can use, and the gotchas that they've learned along the way. They'll sprinkle in some ideas on release planning for good measure so you'll be better equipped to tackle a migration project in the future.

Also we'll have a Lightning Talk by Jordan Peterson, where he will discuss how to prepare for your next Salesforce interview. He'll give you some admin brainteasers, typical pitfalls, and  will give some advice on how to prepare for behavioral interviews. #Prepared



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  • Jayvin Arora

    Jayvin Arora


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