#AskMeAnything #Salesforce #TechnicalSupport with Nikhil Khetan

Salesforce Admin Group, Mumbai, India
Fri, Aug 12, 2022, 10:00 AM (IST)

About this event

I am a Salesforce Architect & Developer with 16x on Salesforce & over 10+ years on experience. Being in the community and to help everyone out there with there day to day issues on salesforce, i thought of taking Ask me anything session, where individuals can ask share their issues related to salesforce and i can help resolving it.

Details and Rules:

1. This session will be only for 1 hour where we will have allow 3-4 attendees

2. Every attendee might get 15 min to 60 min(if no other attendee joins)

3. A attendee can register only one's a month (this is allow other community people to register themselves)

4. Come prepared with your questions and issues in details

5. You need to register on trailblazer community group and schedule available slot on https://calendly.com/nikhil-salesforce/askmeanything-salesforce-with-nikhil-khetan. This will help me to take a quick look and come up with solution in advance.

Schedule your time slot : https://calendly.com/nikhil-salesforce/askmeanything-salesforce-with-nikhil-khetan


Group Leader

  • Barkha Agrawal

    Barkha Agrawal


    Community Group Leader

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