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Proton Toast + Writing Test Scripts + Testing New Users (Prove You're Worthy)

About this event

This meeting is virtual for the safety of everyone's health.

11:45am - Noon

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Noon - 2:00pm

1) Welcome, Introductions, and Announcements

2) Partner Presentation: Proton Toast
One of the best ways to improve productivity is by keeping your team members and customers informed of important changes on a project, opportunity or account. Automated notifications can prompt them to take timely actions that keep work flowing, eliminating process bottlenecks, accelerating the sales funnel, and maximizing customer satisfaction. Salesforce has a lot of channels to handle notifications, and implementing them can be a challenge.

Pat McClellan, Lightning Champion and Trailblazing Partner, will provide an overview of Salesforce notifications, sharing best practices and hands-on examples using Process Builder. We’ll also get a demo of Proton Toaster, his new app that provides a new channel for urgent, in-your-user’s-face, can’t-be-ignored notifications.

3) Mastering Test Script Writing by Ali Ervan
You’ve gathered the requirements. You’ve finished the configuration. You know you need to test it, but how do you test to make sure all scenarios have been considered, existing functionality isn't broken, and those who need access have it??? Ali is going to walk us through how she does test scripts before declaring a project is ready for migration from Sandbox to Production.

4) Testing User: Prove You Are Worthy! by Jennifer Lange
Looking for a way to onboard users and make sure they don’t do damage to your Salesforce instance? Learn how Crisis Assistance Ministry brings in new users and involves admins, supervisors, mentors, and users in setting up the new user for success, while respecting the schedules and demands of an admin job. Jennifer Lange, certified Salesforce Admin at Crisis Assistance Ministry, will share her process for bringing on new staff and testing them before granting full access. Crisis Assistance has 80-90 users, and seven business lines in Salesforce. Some 200 clients come to Crisis Assistance each day, seeking assistance with rent, utility bills, medical bills, and other necessities. Information about the customer, their household members, and their financial emergencies are all handled in Salesforce. We’ll look at how new users get up to speed with all the paperwork, input, and coding.

Maybe we can squeeze in some mini-demos showcasing things we've learned or created! If you've got something to share, reach out so we can put you on the schedule.



Friday, Sep 25
11:45 AM - 2:00 PM (EDT)

Group Leaders

  • Jackie Travieso

    Jackie Travieso

    CLT Admin Group Leader | T2 Associates | MVP

    (MVP | CLT Administrators Group Leader | MVP Offic

  • Manny Travieso

    Manny Travieso

    T2 Consulting


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