Dashboard Dōjō + High Velocity Sales + Custom Permissions, Custom Settings, Dynamic Actions

Jun 25, 2021, 3:45 – 6:00 PM

VENUE: Still virtual! June's agenda is packed with something for everyone's curiosity or learning objectives!

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This meeting is virtual for the safety of everyone's health.

11:45am - Noon

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Noon - 2:00pm

🙋‍♀️Welcome, Introductions, and Announcements

📊Do More with Reports & Dashboards: Dashboard Dōjō, David Carnes

In this session we'll take a step beyond the basics of Salesforce Reports & Dashboards, starting with a quick look at settings and permissions. From there we'll combine Row Level formulas with emojis to highlight picklist data, and then talk about the power of Summary Formulas using PrevGroupVal() Function to analyze month over month trends. We'll test out the power of Dashboard Filters in drilling into the data and embed a Dashboard into a Homepage. Before Q&A, we'll wrap up with a look at Summer '21 functionality including inline editing of Report Results and the ability to download an image of a Dashboard.

💲High Velocity Sales: Jason Goodyear
Jason Goodyear will tell us how to empower inside sales teams to thrive from anywhere. Gear up for virtual selling. Drive productivity, scale best practices, and adapt with agility — all with the help of High Velocity Sales.

⚙️Custom Permissions, Custom Settings, Dynamic Actions: Ali Ervan
Do I know what these are? What's the difference? When do I use them? Our resident Platform Champion, Ali Ervan, will explain everything we need to know about these gems we should be taking advantage of!

Bonus Content in the Works

👍CLT Leadership
We'll be joined by a few of our leaders from other Charlotte Groups who'll tell us what 2021 looks like for their group.

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July Meeting: We are taking our annual hiatus in July to enjoy a bit of Summer.
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  • David Carnes

    OpFocus, Inc.


  • Jason Goodyear


    Principal Solutions Engineer

  • Alexandra Klinger

    Cloud for Good

    Director Professional Services



Friday, June 25, 2021
3:45 PM – 6:00 PM UTC


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4:00 PMVirtual Meeting Begins

Group Leaders

  • Kelly Kouchi

    Community Group Leader

  • Stephanie Rebain

    Coastal Cloud

    Community Group Leader

  • Alexandra Klinger

    Cloud For Good

    Community Group Leader

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