Virtual happy hour: End of summer party!

About this event

Has the summer of covid left you feeling stir crazy? Are you wishing for Calgon to take you away (from your house)?* Well, we can't do that but here is the next best thing! We will be having an end-of-summer virtual party! 

Join us for a virtual get-away to meet some new friends, catch up on what salesforce things have been happening around town, and lots of laughs! Bringing your own food, drinks, party hats, etc is encouraged. Pictures of kids or pets dressed up in salesforce costumes is HIGHLY encouraged. See you there!

*If you are under 40, you'll probably have to google that one.

Group Leaders

  • Keith Wiljanen

    Keith Wiljanen

    Booz Allen Hamilton

    Community Group Leader

  • Marei Draper

    Marei Draper

    Community Group Leader

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