Baltimore Administrators January VIRTUAL Meeting

Jan 27, 2021, 6:00 – 8:00 PM

The bi-monthly administrators meeting where we have presentations and open discussions.

About this event

Salesforce Flows are the future of automation on the Salesforce platform. With every release, it becomes more practical to utilize Flow as your go-to solution. You can also gain a significant improvement in performance (think "loading time") by migrating older automation configurations to Flow. To truly harness the power of this tool, a few tactics can be applied to ensure you can efficiently automate any record update. Presenter Evan Ponter be showcasing a framework to keep your Before and After Save Record-Triggered Flows organized and your org running at top speed.

We'll also have a roundtable discussion. If there are any specifics you'd like to see covered please email


  • Evan Ponter

    Ponter Solutions

    Founder & Principal Consultant

Group Leaders

  • Michael Grandel

    Lot 48 Consulting


  • Jabari Jackson

    MKG Enterprise


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