SalesforceATX Demo Jam! Featuring RenderDraw, OwnBackup, Copado, and ProtonText

Salesforce Admin Group, Austin, United States
Thu, Jan 14, 6:00 PM (CST)

About this event

We welcome you to come join us on zoom provided by Merivis for a SalesforceATX Demo Jam! 

Check out the companies below participating in the DemoJam and make sure to RSVP. We also have a new swag program from the Salesforce community team so come here to check it out! Hint: Take a peak at:

We will be using breakout rooms rotating every individual through each room and then chatting about each demo at the end. 

We are so excited to kick off 2021 with the user group! 


Located in Austin, TX, we are a CRM-focused 3D platform built to improve the way you interact with your products. Enabling teams with immersive product visualization, streamlined collaboration and DirectTouch interaction all natively within Salesforce.

Speaker: Erik Pilgrim, CEO 


OwnBackup is a cloud data protection platform that proactively prevents you from losing access to mission-critical Salesforce data, so you never have to worry about data loss disrupting your business, projects—or your life.

Speakers from OwnBackup

Jessica Wine, RVP Enterprise Sales at OwnBackup

John Campanioni, Senior Solutions Engineer


Copado DevOps Delivers a Continuous Stream of Value From Your Cloud Platform To Your Business's Bottom Line.. Speed. Transform Faster with. Value. It is the #1 DevOps Tool built naturally in the Salesforce platform. 

Tyler Walker, Sales Engineer


Proton Text is a complete SMS texting solution for Lightning Experience, ideal for SMBs and non-profits. Text Contacts, Lead & Users and link your conversations to their records and any related records you choose. Automated text notifications are easy with the free library of Processes and Flows. The Proton Blaster component blasts texts to thousands of recipients — it's as easy as a calendar appointment! Contact for a live demo and cost estimate.

Speakers from ProtonText

Pat McClellan, Chief Lightning Officer


  • Erik Pilgrim

    Erik Pilgrim



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  • Jessica Wine

    Jessica Wine


    Regional Vice President

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  • Tyler Walker

    Tyler Walker


    Sales Engineer

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  • Pat McClellan

    Pat McClellan

    Proton 7 Group

    Chief Lightning Officer

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  • When

    Thursday, Jan 14
    6:00 PM - 7:45 PM (CST)

    Group Leaders

  • Cindy Reeder

    Cindy Reeder



  • Zachary Banks

    Zachary Banks



  • Chris Robertson

    Chris Robertson

    Silicon Labs


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