Your journey from Salesforce Developer to Consultant

Salesforce Developer Group, Pune, India
Sat, Feb 8, 2020, 10:00 AM (IST)

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About this event

 Let's understand what it takes for Developer or an Admin to be a consultant (#D2C) and adopt the right mindset on your journey to Consultant/CTA. In the 4th/5th Industrial Revolution where there are connected apps, technologies and people. Each Trailblazer will play an important role for companies to thrive in this revolution. While over the years, India has been the Power hub for Software engineering which is empowered by each one of us i.e. Developers and Admins who work tirelessly on applications and deliver the expected results against those aggressive deadlines.

To take advantage of this 5th IR and connected world , more than coding machines we would require the human touch to technology where we could build applications keeping businesses and end users in our mind.

Where we could talk to our business in the language they understand and translate it to the technical world and vice-a-versa. People who possess these rare skills are often the ones who get growth opportunities and drive business transformations for their customers.

In our world, they are referred as Consultants !!

Why Should YOU attend?

· Are you an aspiring Consultant?

· Are you on Journey2CTA path?

· Are you confused whether coding is mandatory?

· Are you confused on future scope being only Functional?

· Do you fear losing out if you go away from coding?

· Do you like to be in customer facing engagements?

· Do you want to increase your pay to average XXX INR?

· Do you want better growth opportunities?

What do you get out of it?

· Understand the different paths on your Salesforce journey

· Learn how to develop a Consulting mindset

· Understand the larger picture on an Implementation

· Get answers to all your queries which begins with - Why Me !!

Come and join us to understand what #D2C Journey would be all about. How can we transform ourselves from a dev/technical mindset to a Consulting mindset that can act as catalyst to drive the business transformations.

Let's understand what it takes for Developer or an Admin to be a consultant (#D2C) and adopt the right mindset.

What are the areas in an end-to-end Implementation project which would give you ample opportunities to build this Consulting mindset.

Come and share your journey with us, as our Speaker would be sharing some of his journey and let's learn together to make it an experience. 



Saturday, Feb 8
10:00 AM - 2:30 PM (IST)


Navalmal Firodia Seminar Hall No. 4+5 - East & West
505, A-Wing, MCCIA Trade Tower, ICC Complex, 403, Senapati Bapat Rd, Laxmi Society Model Colony, Shivajinagar Pune,411016

Group Leader

  • Parth Vasani

    Parth Vasani



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