Summertime Marketing Talks with our Expert Guests

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Hello there, Trailblazers!

Whilst we enjoy our iced drinks during the hot summer, let's also take the chance to refresh our minds!

Join us as we welcome our expert speakers Jan Rezab, Ivan Razine and Kristina Alexandra.

Time is Ltd. is an advanced analytical SaaS platform that provides a holistic view of organizational time-management. It allows you to measure your team's digital collaboration to improve communication, the bottom line and save you precious time. Time is Ltd. guides its clients through robust analyses to find the best approach for an ideal software/hardware setup.

Ivan Razine is a Belgium-based leading technical Marketing Cloud blogger. On his blog,, Ivan posts engaging and informative articles about AMPscript and SSJS. He will share how his journey with SFMC began, discuss his blog and other new projects, and share with you other technical blogs and resources. Ivan will also hold a Q&A session directly after his presentation.

Kristina Alexandra is a Pardot expert, and the Founder/CMO of Pareto Pi. Kristina will answer your questions during the live webinar, aiming to dispel some of the myths about Pardot. You’ll have chance to ask her any questions related to your Pardot instance in our “Ask me anything Pardot" series.

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Monday, Aug 10
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM (CEST)

Group Leaders

  • Ivanna Gladysh

    Ivanna Gladysh

    Zimmer Biomet

    Salesforce Marketing Automation Work-stream Lead

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