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10 Creative Ideas on how you can start utilising HML in Pardot/ Demo of DEselect App for SFMC

Jun 4, 2020, 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Hello! 4th of June 11 am CET we will have 2 amazing sessions! Pardot related - #Marketing Champion 2020 Kristina Alexandra will present us with 10 creative ideas on how to use HML. Marketing Cloud related - Demo of DEselect App, how you can saves a lot of time going around native functionality of SFMC. RSVP! <3 Meeting link:

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On the 4th of June, at 11 am CET, we will have two amazing sessions!

Pardot related - #MarketingChampion2020 Kristina Alexandra will present us with ten creative ideas on how to use HML. This session is beneficial because HML introduced in Pardot not a long time ago, and many ppl had no time to test it out. Kristina, Founder of Pareto Pi, will share her experience. Use this opportunity to QA the expert :)

Marketing Cloud - Demo of Deselect App. DESelect has created an app for the SFMC platform which is fully integrated and can leverage all the marketing data you have collected - including ANY type of data extension and even data views! Moreover, you can use it for data exploration, reports, different types of data analyses (RFM, A/B analysis, etc.), and SFMC records deduplication. No SQL/Excel skills needed. To learn more:

I can't wait, hope guys you as well :)

RSVP! <3

Meeting link:




  • Kristina Alexandra

    Pareto Pi Consulting

    Founder & Salesforce/Pardot Consultant

  • Gregory Kaliuzhnyi


    Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

Group Leaders

  • Ivanna Gladysh

    Zimmer Biomet

    Salesforce Marketing Automation Work-stream Lead

  • Ekaterina Obolenskaya



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