December Salesforce Developer Group

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Christmas is coming and with that, wish lists! What’s on yours? More script statements, larger heap sizes or higher API limits? If training is on your list, be sure to attend for a Q&A call with a guest from the Training Department. If you can't think of anything, search the SF Idea Exchange and and we can all vote! There is power in numbers!

In our December meeting on Tuesday, December 18th at Centerstance, we will go over the following:

* Telephone chat with Julie Screbant, Training Account Executive. Training and Certifications are a hot topic so bring your questions!
* Lynn Davies of PECI will demo an Apex class that will schedule, execute and reschedule itself every ‘n’ minutes. As an example, if there is a need to have a method run every five minutes here is a way to accomplish this task.
* Have a tricky problem you need to solve? We are confident the great minds in this group may be able to help out informally so bring your troubles so we’ll leave time for you to meet and talk with other Salesforce developers.

** We are always open for content submissions if you’d like to share something you think others may find helpful! Please let Larry or Angela know - Thank you!**

We will do a raffle with some cool stuff - if you can come up with a great enough reason to win a Salesforce Dreamforce bag, it's yours! We also have another prize or two and the exceptionally fortunate can take the extra coffee back to their workmates. :)

Also, save the date for January 23rd, for an evening networking event with all the Portland Salesforce User Groups. Details forthcoming as we put this event together.



Tuesday, Dec 18
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PST)


514 SW 6th Ave, 5th Floor Portland97204

Group Leaders

  • Angela Mahoney

    Angela Mahoney


    Cat Herder

  • Larry Latimer

    Larry Latimer

    Slalom Consulting


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