Dreamforce Preview

Philadelphia, PA Developers Group
Sept. 25, 2014, 6 p.m.

About this Meeting

Join us for a preview of Dreamforce talks by PhillyForce members and a chance to win a Force.com hoodie!

From Admin to Developer: Learning to Code

Matt Sherman and Scott VonSchilling

Break down the wall between admin and developer.  Challenge yourself to learn more so that you can achieve more.  Learn from our experience what it will take to learn to code on the force.com platform.  We will share the best practices for learning and applying your knowledge to create useful applications.  Take the first step on a path that will make you more powerful and indispensable!

Building Machine Learning Systems with Apex Jennifer Wyher

Machine Learning is an area focused on the creation of systems that can learn from data to help make decisions without being explicitly programmed with knowledge of the data they are working with. Join us to learn how you can use the power and flexibility of the Salesforce1 Platform and its programming language Apex to deliver machine learning systems that can help inform key business decisions within their organization, and enhance their solutions with data mining and predictive analytical capabilities. Part of this session will focus on how to architect applications to perform large scale numeric calculations on the Salesforce1 Platform.

Embrace Your Inner Developer Celia Astheimer, Kathy Chilcote, and Christian Belko

This is a motivational session about pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.  You will be encouraged to embrace your inner developer--the one who loves to create solutions to complex problems and push the boundaries of your brain.  You will hear stories of other johnny-come-latelies, and leave ready to admit you've been a developer all along.

Agenda Food and drink is being sponsored by our hosts at LiquidHub, and there will be time for informal networking before and after the talks. Each talk will be 20 mintues followed by 5 minutes of Q & A.

6:00pm - 6:30pm Food & networking

6:30pm - 6:35pm Welcome & introductions
6:35pm - 7:45pm Presentations
7:45pm - 8:00pm Networking
8:00pm - Drinks at Black Powder Tavern


Sept. 25, 2014
6 p.m. - 8 p.m.


500 E. Swedesford Road, Suite 300 Wayne, 19087

Group Leaders

Patrick Mulhern

Patrick Mulhern


Alex Sutherland

Alex Sutherland

MIL Corporation

Salesforce Solutions Architect
Svatka Simpson

Svatka Simpson



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