Meeting Update! - Moving from Ally to Advocate in the Workplace

Jul 16, 2020, 11:00 PM – Jul 17, 2020, 12:30 AM

Please join us as we host Salesforce's very own Mary Scotton, VP of Trailblazer Equality and Natasha Cougoule, Global ERG Program Specialist as we discuss how you can move from 'Ally to Advocate' in your workplace via a discussion of employee/equality resource groups and their development, and how these groups affect and contribute to workplace equality.

About this event

Natasha will lead us off with a discussion of the key considerations form starting an employee resource group (ERG) or Equality Group   to how to maintain and grow a successful group and spearheading collaborations with other groups.

Specific topics to be covered:

* How to crate and maintain a group

* Leadership position considerations

* Elections process

• How to get executive buy in

* Managing upward

* Partnership between the group and the employer

Mary will share her experience in the growth of Equality Groups at Salesforce, and will discuss how the groups began and eventually grew to include 10 groups! 

Mary will touch upon:

• First Equality Group  - Women in Tech

• The beginnings of Outforce, V2MOM for Boldforce

• Expanding focus from a group's own problems to supporting others

• How to determine how the group can be an asset/partner to the business

We will then transition into a discussion about how what has been shared relates to out current climate concerning diversity and inclusion.

Please join us and bring your questions and comments, we all love a good discussion!!

Meeting details:

Date:Thursday, July 16th

Time: 7:00PM - 8:30PM

Meeting Link:


  • Mary Scotton


    VP Trailblazer Equality

  • Natasha Cougole


    Global ERG Program Specialist

Group Leaders

  • Kathy Chilcote

    Customers Bank

    Salesforce Administrator

  • Barb Williams

    Toll Brothers


  • Kristin Caldwell


    Community Group Leader

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