Oct 13, 2018, 5:30 – 11:00 AM

Let's connect and do some technical sessions and have some fun games

About this event

Join us for female-friendly discussions where you can ask any question about Salesforce, careers, life etc. We empower women in the Salesforce community to help promote technology and encourage Salesforce platform development while working together. The Noida Women in Tech User Groups is for learning and to make new connections. You can expect find other like-minded women with varying degrees of experience or interest in the Salesforce platform. The Women In Tech are a powerhouse network of female Salesforce intelligence - we are women who Salesforce. 


  • Akash Mishra

    New Delhi Non Profit User Group Leader

  • Surbhi Narula


    Senior Salesforce Consultant

  • Pritam Shekhawat


    Salesforce Lightning Practice Lead | Salesforce Lightning Champion

  • Karuna Tayal


    Salesforce Consultant


5:30 AMMentor-Mentee session
6:30 AMIntroductory session by Surbhi Narula
6:45 AMVisual Flow session by Karuna Tayal
7:15 AMLightning session by Pritam Shekhawat
8:00 AMExciting Lightning Application by Arundhati Dutta
8:30 AMLunch (Happy Hours)
9:15 AM#SalesforceShe4Her session by Surbhi Narula
9:30 AMMock interview for Mentees (Activity for others)
10:00 AM#NotForProfit #Hackathon by Akash Mishra

Group Leaders

  • Surbhi Narula


    IT Analyst

  • Payal Agrawal


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