Salesforce Developer Tool Deep-Dive: Copado

Salesforce Developer Group, New York City, United States
Oct 14 - 15, 2015, 7:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Join the New York City Developer User Group at Silverline CRM on Weds, Oct 14th at 7 PM to explore Copado, the ultimate native Planning, Deployment and Integration tool for the Platform.

Federico Larsen, co-founder and architect at Copado Solutions will show us the many features of Copado Deployer and explain the underlying technologies and APIs that provide so much power to developers and admins for managing changes in Salesforce Orgs. Copado brings together 4 platform APIs to link your Salesforce Orgs (and Github repos too!) and provide you an end-to-end utility for planning and getting code and components deployed fast and accurately.

You can install Copado from the AppExchange in either a new DE Org or an existing Org (safe enough for Production even!) and then provide your Org ID on this form to get 10,000 free credits.

As always, our Meetup is hosted and co-sponsored by Silverline and food and drink will be provided. So bring your appetites, your laptops (if you want to get hands-on!), your colleagues and your questions!

What is Copado

Copado is the next generation cloud based change and release management solution that delivers quicker deployments; better visibility and traceability of your Salesforce orgs and allows you to manage errors proactively.
Copado has taken away the pain from Deployments, Release Management and Continuous Integration.
Copado is designed to overcome the challenges of the metadata-api, allowing any user to deploy profiles and permission sets easily, among hundreads of features specifically designed to increase productivity.

About Copado
Copado was founded in 2013 in Madrid by two Salesforce Technical Architects. Both founders, Federico and Philipp have been working in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2005. After facing themselves the pain of managing large implementations they decided to do something about it. Copado is the leading deployment tool and is #3 revenue generating ISV partner in EMEA (as of August 2015).


October 14 - 15
7:00 PM (EDT)


Silverline CRM Offices
860 Broadway, 5th Floor New YorkUS

Group Leaders

  • Carlos Frias

    Carlos Frias



  • Matthew Poe

    Matthew Poe

    Open Philanthropy

    CRM Product Manager

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