User Group Meetup: Create Case Chatter Bot

About this event

Mark your calendars, the next User Group Meetup will be December 14th hosted at Technology Advice.


Doug Ayers will present how to design your own Chatter Bot using declarative tools that you know and love like Process Builder and Flow.

We will learn one use case of how to automate creating cases when specific #hashtags are used in Chatter and how to enrich the user experience by auto replying with Chatter comments to notify the user that they've been heard.

Doug's presentation is based on his recent blog post: 
Create Case When Chatter Topic Assigned, or CRM AI with Chatter Bot

Circles of Success

On the topic of user experience and adoption, there's been an interest in using some of our time to learn from each other in a more structured time beyond just the "eating and networking" time at the start of each meetup. Come with your questions about where you're struggling with user adoption and hear what others are doing to solve the problem at their companies. Sample adoption questions you might have:

• How can I get my company to use Chatter?

• How can I encourage my users to log activity on their Leads and Contacts?

• How can I encourage my users to adopt Lightning Experience?



Let us know what you want to learn about and if you're interested in presenting at a future meetup. Contact me via or the Success Community.



Wednesday, Dec 14
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (CST)


500 Interstate Blvd. S. , Suite 400 NashvilleUS

Group Leaders

  • Mark Morrison

    Mark Morrison

    Jackson National

    Senior Salesforce Developer

  • Chris Kelley

    Chris Kelley

    Ramsey Solutions

    Sr. CRM Solution Architect

  • Lydon Bergin

    Lydon Bergin



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