Integrating systems with unified interface - Salesforce meets server side JS

Salesforce Developer Group, Lublin, Poland
Thu, May 25, 2017, 6:00 PM (CEST)

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Systems integration is always a hot topic. We will show what are the challenges when integrating a large-scale Salesforce deployment with a custom, user-facing Universal JavaScript application. During the meeting, we will show technical methods and solutions to authenticate, authorize and access data from unrelated systems.

Why should I care about Salesforce users?

Aleksander Wojdyga

The user licenses are the true cost of the Salesforce deployment. Managing the users is the first task of every Salesforce admin and (sometimes) the main issue for developers. We will show some problems and solutions in enterprise-scale user management. We will focus on user authentication, authorization, and granting data access. And, yes - you will become a Salesforce developer.

Salesforce endpoints - standard and custom

Maciej Miłosz

Can we get data form our Salesforce database? Can we integrate Salesforce with external applications? What do we get out of the box, and what to do, if it’s not enough for our needs? How to build, test and utilize Salesforce endpoints in a nutshell.

Fat server returns with universal JavaScript.

Maciej Sikora

Universal JavaScript is a new trend in software engineering, in general, it is the implementation of the concept - "write once run anywhere".

The most common usage of universal JavaScript concept can be found in web applications, where we can write one code and execute it on server side or client side.

In the presentation, we will try to check if it is really possible to create such an universal app, and if it means that the well-known concept of fat server and thin client is back.


Thursday, May 25
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (CEST)


G20 Resto Bar
Grodzka 20 LublinPL

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  • Pawel Niedziela

    Pawel Niedziela

    Community Group Leader

  • Tomasz Szczygielski

    Tomasz Szczygielski

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