Git and the Platform: The Enterprise Ctrl+S

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Ever been working on something and your computer freezes, losing hours (or more) of unsaved work?  Or how about playing a video game and had a fed up parent turn the console off before you got to the save point?

These experiences can be heart breaking, but not nearly as scary as pushing code to production on a release night as realizing you just thoroughly broke the functionality on VisualForce page X, which 90% of your users rely on all day... and with no plan on getting back to the way it was.

Whether you're an admin aspiring to code one day, or a regular software simian (code monkey), learning how to use a version control system to track and backup your Salesforce and configurations is essential to keeping your metadata machine well oiled.  We will introduce git, Linus Torvalds's two week bang up job of a version control system.  Come see why git is a great choice, and learn the basics of using git to backup your code ... as well as "back up" your code if something goes wrong.  We'll also address common pain points specific to using git in a cloud platform like, and some best practices that will help make life much easier while enjoying all the benefits that come with having a solid version control plan in place.

RSVP and bring a well-charged laptop, and we'll provide the learnin'.

Git along, little DUGgies!


Thursday, Jan 30
3:30 PM - 5:30 PM (PST)


MK Partners
5709 Cahuenga Blvd North HollywoodUS

Group Leaders

  • Nate Pepper

    Nate Pepper

    Warner Bros. Discovery


  • Nikay Nipp

    Nikay Nipp



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