August Meet - Change Data Capture and a behind the scenes look at Chatter

About this event

As usual the plan is for 2 great talks... with maybe one or two surprises, too :)

Talk 1: Muhammad Abrar Ul Haq - Change Data Capture (CDC)

Enterprise integrations require constant synchronisation across many systems but creating a pull-based mechanism quickly becomes impractical to manage. Change Data Capture (CDC) uses push technology to send data to the Salesforce event bus. Clients can then subscribe to events, making a more loosely coupled and manageable integration architecture. Come and join us to learn about this powerful feature that has use cases from data replication, real time data synchronisation, efficient data auditing and many more.

Talk 2: Michelle Baeten - Chatter: Behind the Scenes

Anyone having to deal with Chatter data migration or automation will know that Chatter data is not very straightforward. This talk will give you an overview of how Chatter data is structured, how to get it out of (and back into) Salesforce and how to utilise the ConnectAPI classes.

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Please remember to RSVP only if you really intend to attend. But if you do intend on coming then don't dilly-dally, as RSVPs will close several days before the event to ensure we get attendee information to the venue's security team.

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Brightgen are kindly hosting us, so thanks to them and our video sponsors MobileCaddy.

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Wednesday, Aug 21
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (BST)


1st floor, 15-17 Eldon Street LondonEC2M 7LA

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