Git & Github kickstart workshop

About this event

Github is probably the worlds most popular developer resource for sharing code collaboratively. However, most developers haven't had the opportunity to get going with Git yet.

So this workshop aims to get you started and give you as much information and practice with git as we can cram into one evening. If you have not worked with git much, this is a great warm up to the Git deep dive event run by the LJC event later this month.


Please bring a laptop with you to this event.  There will not be a slide presentation, this event is purely practical

6pm - find the Salesforce office on 27th foor
6.30pm - workshop starts

By the end of this workshop you will have:
* git command line / graphical tool set up on your laptop
* understanding staging, committing and pushing changes
* working with git status and git log to manage changes
* experience using github for new repos as well as forking & cloning
* managing multiple repositories easily with git log
* working with pull request
* using github organisations

Other things we can cover include:

* Attaching Travis-CI to your github repositories to run tests
* Deploying your apps on Heroku via git

This workshop is focused on using git as a developer and will not be diving under the covers of git, or covering any implementation details.


Important: Access details

Please ensure your full name is used when registering as this is needed by building security to let you in.

Finding the office in Tower42

As you enter Tower42, take the escalators to the building reception.  Upon giving your name you will receive a visitor pass for the building.

Go to the far right and go through building security, your bag will be scanned and you pass through a metal detector.

Once through security, take the escalators immediately to your left - following the blue path.  Walk all the way round to lifts and take the lift to the 24th floor.

At the 24th floor, get out of the lift and cross the hallway.  Take the blue lifts to the 27th floor.  Exiting the lift to your left you will find the Salesforce office.


Wednesday, Feb 13
6:00 PM - 6:30 PM (GMT)


Salesforce London Office
Level 27A, 25 Old Broad Street LondonGB

Group Leaders

  • Keir Bowden

    Keir Bowden



  • Amnon Kruvi

    Amnon Kruvi

    Kruvi Solutions


  • Todd Halfpenny

    Todd Halfpenny


    Mobile Technical Architect

  • Tzhe'ela Trooper

    Tzhe'ela Trooper

    Community Group Leader


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