Hampshire User Group July Meeting

Jul 8, 2020, 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Can you believe we are getting close to July? Nor could Sean and I, so we wanted to let you know well in advance of an idea to make the next meeting more interactive. We have all probably had enough of sitting and listening to meetings on Zoom, Hangouts, Teams, Webex... ...but we also can't meet up in person. SOLUTION: Adminathon. Want to know more, check out the full event description...

About this event

HUG Adminathon - The Most Exciting Break from the Lockdown Tedium*

We have all probably had enough of sitting and listening to meetings on Zoom, Hangouts, Teams, Webex... ...but we also can't meet up in person.

SOLUTION - Adminathon.

CONCEPT - To solve a hypothetical real-world issue in small teams using Salesforce.

SKILLS REQUIRED - The skills required to solve the issue will be mainly those that a Salesforce Admin would know or know about.

ON THE EVENING - People will be grouped together in small teams using Zoom breakout rooms. Then each team will be given the same issue to solve and a dev org that is set up with the required metadata and data. Then the timer starts. Each team will be given the same amount of time to come up with a solution to the issue. It is likely that the timescales will be around the hour mark.

PRIZES- There will be prizes for solving the issue based on criteria such as time taken, elegance of solution, extra functions (bells and whistles).

We believe it will be a fun and collaborative evening where we hopefully will learn from each other and hopefully win a prize. “What do Salesforce Solutions mean… …Prizes!” If that didn’t work say it in the voice of Bruce Forsyth

To make this work, we need to at least 15 people. So, feel free to invite colleagues, friends, mothers, and intelligent pets.

* Most exciting based on other activities you could do in a virtual small number team setting on the evening of Wednesday 8th July 2020 with a duration of an hour and a half to two hours. Your statuary rights (if anyone know what they are) will or won't be affected at all or somewhat if you or if you don't agree that it was exciting. But HUG will endeavour to make it as exciting as possible (Salesforce always require forward looking statements :0).

IMPORTANT!!! If you're signed up to attend and you haven't received the meeting details, please email sean@learnsmarter.com - you'll need these to get in.


  • Sean Dukes


    CEO at Learnsmarter, group leader, Salesforce Certified Application Architect

  • Adrian Robinson

    National Childbirth Trust

    Salesforce Manager



Wednesday, July 8, 2020
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM UTC


6:00 PMLog into Zoom

Group Leaders

  • Sean Dukes

    Learnsmarter Apps Ltd


  • Adrian Robinson

    Southampton Voluntary Services

    Group Co-Leader

  • Robert Grigorian

    Community Group Leader

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