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Email Specialist Certification - Prep Help / Q&A

Apr 12, 2020, 1:00 – 2:00 PM

Our expert panel will be here to help answer your questions and share their experience for the Email Specialist Certification Exam

About this event

Are you planning on taking the Email Specialist Certification exam soon? Do you have questions that you would like to get clarified? Would you like to hear about the experience from few of the folks who recently passed the exam? Or perhaps you do not have access to an MC Org and would like to view a specific feature in Email Studio as part of your exam prep. Well then now you have the opportunity to speak to our expert panel and also have a chance to request and view a specific feature in Email Studio that's part of the certification modules.

Seats will be limited as we would want to focus and address on attendees' questions and queries - we recommend this for folks who have already started going through the study materials and are prepping to take the exam soon. If you have not started on the certification prep, we highly recommend you to first go through the Salesforce Certification Days webinar (find the one for Email Marketing in April) by registering at - there's 4 more sessions happening this month - so please do take advantage of the same. 

Please RSVP and then send your questions to in advance so that we can help consolidate similar questions and answer during the meeting to make better use of the short time that we have.


  • Subhasini Bhosal


    Lightning Champion, App Architect

  • Sri Harsha Chadalavada


    Salesforce Solution Architect

  • Shibu Abraham

    APAC Head Salesforce Practice - UST

    Salesforce MVP | DF22 Golden Hoodie recipient | Marketing Champion



Sunday, April 12, 2020
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM UTC


Q&A / Demo
Wrap up

Group Leader

  • Shibu Abraham

    APAC Head Salesforce Practice @ UST

    B2C Marketers Leader

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