Aalst Trailhead Saturday

Brussels, BE Administrators Group
Dec. 15, 2018, 9 a.m.

About this Meeting

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will have to postpone our first Trailhead Saturday Aalst.

New date: 15th of December 2018. Same location: Utopia Aalst.

Bring your laptop and yourself to blaze some Trails!

Main goal is to get together and do some Trailhead badges, learning from each other and helping each other if there are hurdles to take that seem to difficult to take on your own.

We could end up discussing other things as well such as helping Students to blaze their Trail, community events, tips and trics, Salesforce carreers...

Your drinks and food should be expensed by yourself.

There is breakfast buffet at 10€. 

We do not rent a place for the gathering, we're just normal customers at the bar (Het Utopiacafe) where we meet, so please consider having a drink and/or a bite. 

The bar is connected to the library where there is more then enough place to sit if you want to do a Trailhead in all quietness.

People coming from outside of Aalst by train: Utopia is 1 minute walk from the trainstation of Aalst.

Utopia also has lots of bike parking spots.
Finding a car parking spot on Saturday morning could be tricky in Aalst (market). And would be less good for the environment. Just saying.

Best regards,

Samuel M. & Michaël DF


Aalst Trailhead Saturday

Astro Trailhead


Chief Education Officer


Dec. 15, 2018
9 a.m. - noon


Het Utopiacafé
Utopia 1 Aalst9300

Group Leaders

Jan Vandevelde

Jan Vandevelde


Senior Consultant & Architect
Michaël De Feyter

Michaël De Feyter


DevOps Engineer
Samuel De Rycke

Samuel De Rycke



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