Boston, MA B2B Marketers Group
Thu, Sep 19, 2019, 11:00 AM (AST)

About this Meeting

Data privacy and opt-in compliance are front and center for marketing and sales teams, with some of the most stringent global compliance requirements yet. Let's get together to chat about our compliance obligations, what tools Salesforce has available, and what gaps may still exist in your organization and Pardot today. Data privacy isn't just a marketing topic, its a personal and business topic. What are your rights as a consumer and how do you protect your company from violations?

Here are some topics to that will be covered:

• How do you handle unsubscribes and why

• Brief overview of the laws of the land: key global privacy laws to be aware of

• Spring ’18 release features pertaining to GDPR compliance

• Product gaps: where Salesforce/Pardot might not QUITE be compliant yet

• How to opt unsubscribes back in

• How do you handle visitor confusion when someone clicks on a link in a forwarded email and therefore gets erroneously cookied as the original recipient and therefore may erroneously opt in or out to emails as the wrong person ( this is a big paint point)

These topics will be covered by our guest speaker but also these topics are so important that a round table discussion and circle of success will be fully encouraged! Come prepared with all your data privacy pain points and question!


I look forward to seeing you at this super informational and important event!


Tina Katic-Michalos

Community Leader


Andrea Tarrell

Andrea Tarrell

Founder - Sercante

Andrea is a certified Pardot consultant & Salesforce MVP with 8+ years on the platform.


Thursday, Sep 19
11:00 AM - 2:30 PM (AST)


Salesforce Burlington Office
5 Wall St burlington01803

Group Leader

Tina Katic-Michalos

Tina Katic-Michalos

Sika Corporation


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