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Capgemini - Field Service Lightning

5 Steps to setting up Field Service Lightning!

The 5 steps to getting started with Field Service Lightning. This hands on session will go through the 5 steps for getting your Salesforce ready for Field Service Lightning.

  • Enable Field Service Lightning
  • Install Field Service Lightning
  • Create and Assign Permissions
  • Guided Set Up
  • Dispatcher Console

Top 3 Tips!

A run through of the top 3 tips to enhance your Field Service Lightning implementation:

  • Field Sets
  • Map Layers
  • Customise the Field Service Lightning App

Pub Quiz - Part 1

Hugo Rosario - Best of the App Exchange - Free Apps

Build Vs Buy? And if it's Build Vs Free? Find the 15 best AppExchange you should install today to help you on your Administrator work! From Data management, to flow templates, a recent shortlist of the most relevant apps available on AppExchange.

Pub Quiz - Part 2

If you would like to submit a question for the pub quiz then please email it to Leanne on and we'll include it in the quiz and give you a shout out too! Questions can be Salesforce focused (Admin based please) or random general knowledge. Its multiple choice so please supply 4 answers and highlight the correct answer. 



Thursday, Jun 18
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (BST)

Group Leaders

  • Leanne Harkin

    Leanne Harkin


    Community Group Leader

  • James Beezley

    James Beezley

    Community Group Leader

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