8th October 2019 - Meeting

Birmingham, UK Administrators Group
Oct. 8, 2019, 2 p.m.

About this Meeting

Jon Laughland - Helpshift

Our tool is designed to give your Salesforce platform the tools you need to deliver the service your customers deserve. Understand how messaging and automation can be quickly and easily integrated into your digital channels such as mobile apps and web-sites to drive efficiencies in your support organisation. Helpshift is Salesforce Managed Package that allows your internal teams to engage with your customers through asynchronous messaging (live chat) with assisted bots both in app and in websites with no AI training, whilst the agents are still the salesforce console. Our customers such as Virgin Media and Microsoft are delivering 90% automations and CSAT of 4.5 and above.

James Beezley

Bring your laptops along for another hands-on session with James! Together, we will configure attractive Lightning screens, giving your Salesforce users a far richer experience than they’re currently used to - without any code. You’ll see how to put interactive components on your Lightning screens, replacing the need for traditional, manual keyboard input. If you do want to join in, please bring along a laptop and make sure you have admin access to a suitable Sandbox or Developer org.

Ben Bishop - XCD

Why HR on Salesforce is a no-brainer

Nearly a decade ago, XCD made a bet on the cloud. Not only that, they tied the success of their HR & Payroll software firmly to the fortunes of the Salesforce platform.

It turned out to be a good bet. In this presentation, Ben Bishop, COO, will introduce XCD, the only single-solution HR & Payroll software on the Salesforce platform.

He’ll explain how the future of HR in digitised business is fundamentally linked to the tools we’re developing in the cloud. And why, for organisations already using Salesforce in other parts of their operation, moving HR & Payroll onto the platform is a no-brainer. 


Jon Laughland

Jon Laughland

Helpshift UK

UK Sales Director
James Beezley

James Beezley


See Bio
Ben Bishop

Ben Bishop


Chief Operating Officer


Oct. 8, 2019
2 p.m. - 6 p.m.


The Studio
Cannon Street Birmingham, B2 5EP

Group Leader

Leanne Harkin

Leanne Harkin



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