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Integration Architecture && IOT Cloud

Mar 2, 2019, 4:30 – 8:00 AM

We invite you to be part of the DOUBLE DAMAKA Session from our OHANA. Here is the topic list. - SFDC IOT Cloud: Use Cases, Platform Events and Considerations - SFDC Integration Architecture: A Holistic Look

About this event

SFDC IOT Cloud: Use Cases, Platform Events and Considerations

This covers the Internet of Things (IoT), Use Cases, SFDC IoT and how it works, Challenges for IoT and a short demo.

SFDC Integration Architecture: A Holistic Look

Covering Salesforce Integration Architecture from various perspectives (Technical, Functional, Business Process and Cost), various integration patterns, and systems (middlewares), Best Practices and few connected topics.

About Speaker: 

Jayant is an SFDC Technology Architecture Delivery Manager and Architect with 9+ years of experience. He is currently working in Accenture Germany and has worked with Deloitte Consulting (USA) and IBM India earlier. He is an SFDC Enthusiast and is among the top SFDC Certified People in World (19 SFDC Certifications with Product/Architect ones). He regularly contributes to Salesforce related articles on Social Media, love mentoring around SFDC Topics and is a Public Speaker. He is currently building his skillset around IoT, Commerce Cloud and Artificial Intelligence.

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  • Jayant Joshi


    Managing Delivery Architect



Group Leader

  • Kishore B T


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