Virtual Austin Pardot User Group - featuring a demo of FeedOtter!

About this event

For our first ever entirely virtual demo, we're excited to welcome Andy Martin of FeedOtter to demonstrate the integration of FeedOtter and Pardot. Join us for a live demo to see how this great tool works with seamlessly with Pardot. You'll come away thinking of all the ways it can save you hours of email building.

RSVP now, and we'll send out the link to the virtual meeting ahead of the meeting time. (We do intend to record it, but please join us so you can have a chance to ask any questions!)

About FeedOtter:

FeedOtter is used by companies and online publishers to automate and streamline the creation of routine, day-to-day emails. The results: time saved, fewer errors, and more traffic returning to your one of those overlooked tools that offers a seamless integration between your website content and Pardot, and can save you literally hours of work. 

Most websites have an RSS feed built into them. Use yours to:

  • Create an automated newsletter based on your website content and send on your own schedule - as things are posted, once per week, once per month, quarter, etc.
  • Easily create a curated email of your content with just a couple of clicks - pull items from your website feed into your template and send it with a customized message.
  • Send alerts of new products, newly posted jobs, or your system status alerts.
  • Pull in content from multiple sources and send it out as an email, automatically.

Add in all of the personalization you want using Pardot's variable tags (both the original kind and the new HML tags), and your emails can be really powerful.

If you have a recurring email that is repetitive and time-consuming to set up, FeedOtter can probably save you tons of time and energy.


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