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Atlanta WIT Female Founders Series: Chat with Geraldine Gray, Cofounder of Endiem

Jun 10, 2020, 8:30 – 9:15 PM

Join the Atlanta Women in Tech group for a chat with Geraldine Gray, Cofounder of Endiem as we continue our Female Founders series!

About this event

The Atlanta Women In Tech Group is hosting part 2 of our Female Founders series with Geraldine Gray, CEO of Endiem. Join us as Geraldine talks about Endiem, her journey, and impacting the overall WIT community. 

About our Speaker: 

Geraldine Gray is the CEO of Endiem. She has been working with Salesforce since June 2000 and is a 10-year Salesforce MVP. When not Salesforcing or minding the shop Geraldine enjoys cooking, cleaning, and ironing. She’d like to find more time for golfing, running, yoga, gardening, and reading but that’s just not going to happen with 4-year-old twins who spend their days laughing, yelling, crying, and not sleeping. 

As the CEO of Endiem, Geraldine and her team do good work for nice customers. And because she is not busy enough she has built ADvantage by Endiem which offers fractional Salesforce administration and development as a service (SADAASy?) where they deliver expert consulting best practices for the day-to-day management of a Salesforce org so that environments don’t just hum, they sing like angels. The ADvantage team is super-duper lucky because they have a dream stack of apps including Elements.Cloud, Copado, Spekit, and Spanning in every customer org to make life unbelievably efficient and straightforward even when an org is complex.


  • Geraldine Grey

    Houston & Founder of WIT

    Salesforce MVP

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